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The Future of Drinking Cannabis

An explanatory guide to cannabis beverages, dosing, variety, and more 

The cannabis industry has quickly molded into something once deemed unimaginable. Economic projections believe the cannabis industry will surpass a few billion dollars before the end of the decade. One integral piece to these projections is the variety that the cannabis industry has become known to provide. The industry has moved away from exclusively providing traditional cannabis buds of respectable amounts of THC. Now, cannabis companies have grown fancy and can provide beverages that have been infused with the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Let's examine these cannabis beverages and their place in the industry.

How cannabis beverages are dosed

When choosing or creating cannabis beverages, the most important initial concern should be the dosage. Moreover, the dosage of cannabis beverages are relative to their servings. For example: a 16oz THC drink may have a label that says 'contain 100 mg.' For individuals experiencing a THC  for the first time, 1 to 5 milligrams is recommended. For moderate edible consumers, 10 to 25mg may be preferred. Most cannabis will yield approximately 150 milligrams per dry gram. In regards to CBD dosage, the amount of milligrams will be naturally higher depending on your ailments or desired effects; CBD dosage can range from 25 to 100+ milligrams per dose. It is imperative to confirm if the listed amount of THC or CBD is relative to a serving or the entire bottle. With a small amount of math, each individual can determine how much of the THC-infused beverage needs to be consumed to achieve the desired effects.

How cannabis beverages are produced

If you can't find a cannabis-friendly juice bar or your local cafe is out of your favorite THC-infused beverage, most cannabis beverages can be made at home with a small amount of patience. Virtually all liquid beverages can be made via a cannabis-infused simple syrup. Moreover, by making the cannabis-infused simple syrup at home, you will know exactly how much THC each beverage will contain. To make simple syrup, 3 cups of water, 3.5 grams of finely ground cannabis, 3 cups of sugar, and 3 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin.

Exploring CBD-infused beverage processes

If you are in search of more non-psychoactive beverages such as CBD tea, then you are in luck! CBD simple syrup can be made virtually the same way as a THC syrup. Simply (pun intended) swap out your THC for CBD! Instead of dry THC-centric cannabis, a CBD solution can be added. If you are not interested in re-entering the kitchen to create more sticky syrups, you can also purchase flavorful and flavorless CBD syrup from your local dispensary.

Popular cannabis beverages on the market

One of the most popular brands of cannabis beverages currently making splashes (pun intended) on the market are the drinks produced by the Trojan Horse Brand. Trojan Horse produces Delta 9-infused beverages that have been tailored for the casual cannabis consumer as well as the athlete on the go. Each can of contains up to 50mg of delta 9. This amount can provide invigoration and rejuvenation feelings without the overmedication caused by other cannabinoid-based beverages. The brand offers CBD-Delta 9 infused seltzer and tea. Furthermore, all products under the Trojan brand are natural and free of any GMOs. Trojan also has infused active hemp extract in their products. This, in theory, will provide more of the health benefits associated with cannabis, courtesy of the Entourage Effect. This is the effect that states consumers can receive more of the health benefits associated with cannabis when consuming multiple cannabinoids (i.e. 'whole plant methods.')