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  The Future of Drinking Cannabis An explanatory guide to cannabis beverages, dosing, variety, and more  The cannabis industry has quickly molded into something once deemed unimaginable. Economic projections believe the cannabis industry will surpass a few billion dollars before the end of the decade. One integral piece to these projections is the variety that the cannabis industry has become known to provide. The industry has moved away from exclusively providing traditional cannabis buds of respectable amounts of THC. Now, cannabis companies have grown fancy and can provide beverages that have been infused with the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Let's examine these cannabis beverages and their place in the industry. How cannabis beverages are dosed When choosing or creating cannabis beverages, the most important initial concern should be the dosage. Moreover, the dosage of cannabis beverages are relative to their servings. For example: a 16oz THC drink may have a label that s